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Being a vegetarian in Argentina

Well, there is a challenge for you! Being a food-loving vegetarian in Argentina. Since becoming a vegetarian some 14 years ago, I have travelled all around the world and never once found it very difficult to eat decent vegetarian meals. I didn’t experience any difficulties in the food department while travelling through Kenya, Bolivia, Chili, …

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No-cook weekend

So, it is not always me who does the cooking: This last weekend, I did not have to do any cooking 🙂 I do love to cook, but it was also very nice to have others cook for me (others meaning The Boyfriend in this case). De Hagedis But first, the weekend started off with a …

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Restaurant review: Saffraan in Utrecht

This weekend, I have a little restaurant review for you. Last thursday, my colleagues and I went out for a farewell dinner for some of us at Saffraan in Utrecht. Saffraan serves Turkish dishes. The place is done up in a somewhat kitschy but welcoming and relaxed style. And hey, I do tend to like …

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