Hello! Welcome to my little blog. My name is Astrid and I am a 32-year old excercise-enthusiastic who also loves to cook, read, travel and watch movies. This blog is about all these things I love and more.

First, some boring generals about me: I am Dutch and studied English and German. I work as a project manager at a translation agency. Right now, I live on my own, but I am in a serious relationship with the sweetest guy ever. For privacy’s sake, let’s call him The Boyfriend. We are in a long-distance relationship (well, at least for Dutch standards) and mostly see each other on the weekends.

As stated above, I love cooking! Vegetarian cooking that is. I have been a vegetarian for about 13 years now. Also, since last year I take out a so-called “fruit and vegetables” subscription at my local health food store. This has lead me to try and use many new vegetables and has also inspired me to find and make up new dishes.  This has resulted in some really good and sometimes surprising dishes that I hope to be sharing with you here soon.

As for the excercise, I am addicted to spinning. I try to do this about 3 to 5 times a week. Besides spinning I take 1-2 bodypump classes per week and I also try to incorporate bodybalance into the mix. And then there is the occasional hike or bike ride with The Boyfriend.

Besides being lots of fun, excercise gives me more energy, makes me sleep better and just makes me feel more happy and relaxed. After work, it makes the stress of a work day just disappear.  And of course it is a good antidote to sitting hunched behind a computer all day. Ah yes, and then there is also the advantage of not having to worry about weight gain and just feeling confident about my body.

I love to read and watch movies. When moving to a new city a few years back, I joined a book club. This turned out to be a success and 3 years later we are still going strong, meeting up once a month to catch up and discuss books. I read about anything finctional, except sience finction and fantasy, but I mostly enjoy reading crime novels and detectives. My all-time favorite authors are Elizabeth George and Isabel Allende.

On this blog, I hope to be able to share some fun bits about my life and hobbies with you. If you feel like it, please leave me a comment. But please note: this blog is supposed to be fun and positive. I will be writing about things of interest to me. If you do not like it, do not read it. No need to leave nasty comments.

Enjoy the blog and looking forward to hearing from you!


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