Being a vegetarian in Argentina

Well, there is a challenge for you! Being a food-loving vegetarian in Argentina. Since becoming a vegetarian some 14 years ago, I have travelled all around the world and never once found it very difficult to eat decent vegetarian meals. I didn’t experience any difficulties in the food department while travelling through Kenya, Bolivia, Chili, Peru, Texas, California, Colorado, New York, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, France, and so on! But Argentina seemed to be a bridge too far 😦 At first!

When travelling to Argentina, and being a vegetarian who does also not eat fish, finding tasty food will be a challenge. But not impossible, as it turned out! I did prepare myself a little bit at home and found some restaurant tips in my travel guides and online. I am glad I did! And just to be on the safe side: I did pack some multivitamines. This is something I would recommend everyone while travelling (veggies and non-veggies alike!), but especially when travelling to Argentina. Fruit and vegetables are few and far between and whole-wheat bread is about non-existent.

To show you that it is not impossible to find good and tasty food in Argentina, here are some pics for you! Followed by some restaurant tips, in case you ever find yourself in Argentina and want something more than just beef, day in and day out.

Eten Patagonie

Plácido in Puerto Madryn

We found ourselves in Puerto Madryn on October 24, our anniversary, and wanted to have a little celebration (as if walking in between penguins wasn’t enough of a treat for me already ;-)). Plácido turned out to be the perfect choice. It is a little more expensive than other restaurants around, but the food was also a different class! No tasteles tourist junk here! Several imaginitive vegatarian options, seaside view, and classy waiters. When you find yourself in Puerto Madryn and in need of actual good food, this is a must try! For veggies and non-veggies alike.

Estepa in El Chalten

I think this was my favourite restaurant in Argentina 🙂 It is very small, 6 tables only. All food is freshly made while you wait. the staff is so, so friendly. The food absolutely delicious. I really, really enjoyed dining at this place after just hiking all over a glacier 😉 The atmosphere is a little like an Italian bistro combined with a Swiss chalet.

Viva la Pepa in El Calafate

Colorful little cafe in El Calafate serving all kinds of mostly vegetarian food. We ended up eating here 2 days in a row. It felt so good to get our veggies in!

Bio in Buenos Aires

We ended up hiking all the way across the city for this one. Getting grumpier and hungrier along the way. But I am sure glad we did it!

This is a vegetarian restaurant using mostly organic ingredients. They also do raw food, but I just like my food hot 😉 Simply delicious. One little minor detail: the staff was not very friendly. But the food made more than up for it.

Then last but not least a tip in Ushuaia: Ramos! A warm and confortable cafe, serving breakfast, coffee, cakes, small dishes for lunch and dinner, all through the day.


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