My Own Worst Enemy

Yep, sometimes that is just what I am. And with this I am hinting at how I always push myself so hard, ask too much of myself, want to do everything, and want to do everything perfectly.

On a few occasions, I shared a little bit about my excercise routines with you (if you missed it, check out these posts here and here). So, as you know I love to excercise. I might even go as far as to say I am addicted. Addicted to the great feeling it gives me (and the toned body that comes with it). It makes me sleep better, I have higher energy levels and am hardly ever sick. And of course it does not hurt that it burns tons of calories that can be used eating yummie food 😉

Anyways, as you might also recall, there is many sports I like to do (spinning, bodypump, biking, bodybalance, dancing, etcetera) but there is one sport I swore I would never, ever try again: RUNNING. I even went as far as giving my almost brand new New Balance running shoes away. Yep, that’s right, GAVE them away. So as not to ever be tempted to run again.

Well what can I say: I failed …

The last 2 weekends we went shopping for running shoes, for me and The Boyfriend (!!!) and swe started our new running plan.

I decided I want to try it one more time. The difference this time being that I will follow a running plan and actually start at a beginners level. Trying to build it up to running 30 minutes and then take it from there. This is different from my previous attempts.  Normally, I would just say: ok, my fitness level is good so I will run for 30 minutes or 5k straight. Well, that will set you up for failure, big time. Physically, I am able to run 5k. But mentally is a different question. The thought of having to run for 30 minutes: yuk, boring, no way! Haha, we will see.

So, what made me decide to buy new shoes and give it another try. Several reasons:

  1. I am looking for a type of excercise that I can do anywhere, while staying at The Boyfriend’s, at my parents, his parents, while traveling, etcetera.
  2. My BFF started running and is really enthusiastic about it. Would be great if at one point we can do some runs together.
  3. Then, someone at my spinning class (who also turned out to be a marathon runner himself) commented on how I have the perfect runner’s built and he was very surprised when I told him I gave up on that completely. He tried to convince me of how much fun it can be. Well, I guess it worked 😉
  4. And, last but not least: there is this little voice inside my head that keeps telling me I should be able to do it and how great would it be if I could, at one point, run a race, or even work towards a triathlon (uhoh, I see swimming training in my future….)

Then, when I was buying my running shoes, The Boyfriend (who previously did NOT, just absolutely NOT, excercise) surprised me by asking the sales clerk if he also had some running shoes in his size! So, this turned out to be a great decision even before we really started: we will be excercising together, starting a (hopefully) new hobby together! Come to think of it, this might be even better than having him join me in a spinning or bodypump class. This way, we are completely equal. We both start at the beginning 🙂 Ha, and I got The Boyfriend to start excercising, how cool is that 😉

The plan is to run 2 to 3 times a week and build it up to running 30 minutes straight. We are starting with a beginners plan, so I don’t set myself up for failure again and to give myself the best chance of starting to like running. The first week did feel a little easy to me, but I will not be tempted to go too hard, too fast. If I want hard and fast, I will just have to take a spinning class (which obviously I will keep doing).

I am very confident I will succeed this time. Because:

  1. I have a running buddy 🙂
  2. I told any people of my intentions: co-workers, BFF, and the marathoner at my spinning class. I do not want all to have to explain why I stopped.
  3. I have this blog, which will keep me accountable
  4. I had to buy new shoes! Need to make it worth my money 😉

My first week incorporating running into my routine looked like this:

Monday: spinning

Tuesday: pilates, running inside at the gym

Wednesday: spinning

Thursday: spinning

Friday: bodypump

Saturday: running in the park

Sunday: running in the park followed by bodybalance at the gym

It felt very good. Not too hard. And especially the stretching at bodybalance on Sunday felt really awesome 😉 Obviously, there will be weeks when I cannot incorporate excercise in each day, but I will keep trying for 30 minutes of excercise a day. Wish me luck!



  1. Jacqueline

    Oh Astrid wat een gedoe elke dag! Wel leuk dat je nu eindelijk hardlopen gaat leuk vinden.. wie weet kunnen we ooit eens met een groepje L en Lers rennen

    • Geen goede Jacqueline, gewoon een hobby (en routine). Even vanuit werk een klein uurtje sporten en voor het eten thuis 😉 Haha, wie weet, een ex-L&L hardloopgroepje. Misschien kunnen we nog sponsors vinden 😉

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