Fish spa

For a while now, I keep getting these Groupon deals for fish spas. I always immediatately deleted them. Yuk, putting your feet (or worse: your whole body!) in water with fish nibbling at your skin? No way!

What is a fish spa, you might ask. In a fish spa, you will put your feet, or whole body, in a bath with little Gara Ruffa fish. Why would someone do this? Beats me, but apparently there are some benefits: exfoliation of dead skin, promotion of blood circulation, lightening of minor scars, stress relieve.

Anyways, I didn’t even consider ever doing this. First, I do not really think the above mentioned effects are really to be had from having fish nibble yoy. But more even: I do not like the feeling of fish. I do not touch fish. I given me the creeps.

So, why am I telling you all this? Fast forward to last weekend: my BFF, to my big surprise, did buy a deal for a fish spa. And not even a FEET only one. Nope: whole body! Anfd guess who was invited to come along. Yep, that’s right.

Why did I go? Well, I am not very good at saying no, obviously. I do really like to spend time with my BFF and we don’t see each other that often. Plus, I think you should always give something the benefit of the doubt and try it at least once (well, this might not go for EVERYTHING).

So, off we went. It was a small spa in Rotterdam and I must see it was not the nicest or cleanest spa we have ever been too. But we made it to the bath… As I sat down, I got a mild case of hyperventilation (did I mention I do NOT like the feeling of fish?). As the fish started “attacking” me I was seriously wondering what I got myself into. When I asked my friend for how long we were going to sit there and the answer was 1 whole hour (!) I was about to get up and leave.

After a little bit, I did start to relax. As long as I was not looking at the actual fish going at it (or me in this case) it felt a little like being scrubbed softly. I was ok for a while, and while talking to my friend, the time passed.

We made it to 45 minutes but no longer. Then we took a really good and long shower, to get rid of the (imaginary?) fish smell! An hour really felt too long to just sit there and have fish nibbling at you. At least we went on to a nice lunch after this adventure.

So, it was fun that we shared this experience and we did have a good laugh about it. But I will not ever pay to go to a fish spa again! There are way more fun ways to relax. I rather go for a decent massage or a facial.

Does our skin now feel much smoother? At first we thought maybe. But that was most likely because we had just sat soaking in a hot bath for 45 minutes! Do I recommend this: definitely not the whole body thing. I will not do this again. But maybe the foot fish spa is a little better, and easier to handle. Might be fun to do if you really want to try something new.


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