Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Easy Tuesday Dinner Part 2

Let’s do another easy weeknight dinner! This pasta salad can be eaten (luke) warm or cold. It is also a good dish to take on a picknick. And most importantly: it is healthy and quick 🙂 Pasta salad with tomatoes and goat cheese Pasta Tomatoes, cut into pieces (I used cherry tomatoes, but any will …

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Excercise away from home

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I am crazy about excercise. During the week I take spinning, bodypump and bodybalance classes. And I try to squeeze in some spinning on the weekend as well. As active as I am when it comes to excercise, as non-active is The Boyfriend. I do hope this …

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Easy Tuesday Dinner

Normally, I do not cook much during the week. I cook on the weekends and freeze single servings of my dinners. So, after work, I head straight to the gym and then only need to reheat my food and am good to eat within 5 minutes 🙂 However, on Tuesdays, I take a earlier spinning …

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