Spinning marathon

At my gym, last week was wholly dedicated to Alpe d’Huzes and the Dutch cancer foundation. Earlier on in the week I already parcipated in the mountain challenge and the virtual climbing of Mount Alpe d’Huez. This saturday, it was marathon time! It was just a small one, 3 hours (FYI, my longest sofar has been 6 hours). But even in 3 hours, you can seriously challenge yourself!

These 2 guys made this marathon happen (and were happy enough to pose for me):

Wouter and Edwin

They did a good job selecting the music. Metallica at 9.30am? Bring it on! We could also request songs, for a donation of course. Wouter beat me to it and donated “Elements of life” by DJ Tiesto. I am not normally into this kind of music, but when spinning I love it! This song just really gets you going and it always makes me go faster and harder than I can or want. Smart move to put it halfway through a marathon (or even better: at the end). And I did still donate my part for this song!

So, how does one prepare for such a marathon? Actually, I did not really prepare myself this time. My eats last week were pretty high in carbs, lots of pasta, but not much more than that. On friday evening, I cleaned my house, which might also not constitute a good preparation. What can I say: my mom was visiting, no explanation needed 😉

Breakfast was this overflowing bowl of yoghurt, muesli, banana, kiwi and pineapple with honey, and a cup of coffee. Can’t handle heavy foods before spinning, so yoghurt is perfect.


Then there was a piece from Wouter’s chocolate Easter Bunny somewhere along the way and when I got home Mom and The Boyfriend were waiting for me with coffee and freshly baked bread.


And what do you do after 3 hours of spinning? Indeed, one goes for a 10k hike 🙂 Which actually turned into more like 12k, since we got lost for a little bit 😉

The weather was gorgeous and my Mom was visiting for the weekend, so I just had to get outside and show her the country side around Arnhem.

And since she was only here for the weekend, of course I also wanted to cook something special. Did I succeed or what?

Roasted pumpkin, baked rice and braised vegetables with cranberry sauce

And some apple/pear crumble with raisins and cranberries thrown in for good measure.

Now, off to bodybalance I go. Need to get some stretches in 🙂


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